Custom and small series quality machining

Kvalix workshopWith our new, CNC and traditional machines and experienced experts we perform precise and quality machining – milling and lathe tooling – of metals and plastics – under our quality management system that has an ISO 9001 certification.

We focus on special purpose production in small series, with CNC and CAM support. We always lay the emphasis on quality aspects when selecting our machines and other assets optimized for the production of precise, custom parts in small series.

Our proper raw material stock, registered in our SAP enterprise management system according to batches to facilitate the follow up of used materials, helps us to perform orders as soon as possible.

We perform certain work operations, such as surface treatment or heat treatment, with the involvement of subcontractors, and we also have a well equipped welding booth to perform some basic welding tasks, such as manufacturing machine frames.

Upon request we are willing to participate in planning the workpieces to be manufactured in a CAD system, which is made possible by our designer office, equipped with 5 high performance CAD workstations.

Please take a look at our machinery

Mikron-VCE800Pro-X CNC machining centre

GF AgieCharmilles Mikron VCE800Pro-X CNC machining centre

Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200M CNC eszterga

Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200M CNC turning center

TOS FNK 2 R milling machine

TOS FNK 2 R toolroom milling machine

Weiler Praktikant VC lathe

Weiler Praktikant VC precision lathe

ARG 300 Plus S.A.F. sawing machine

Pilous ARG 300 Plus S.A.F. sawing machine