Revenue (2022): HUF 730 million

Staff (2022): 18 persons


Baumer distribution
Acquisition of Kvaliwash
We moved to our new headquarter, where the workshop has over 640 square meters of the whole 1170 square meters.
In addition to the sixth renewal of our ISO 9001 quality management system certified since 2000, we have achieved the certification of our environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and of our safety management and occupational health system according to OHSAS 18001.
New subsidiary in Romania, Kvalix Automatika SRL.
Cognex distribution extended to the Cognex autoID product range.
Transfer of our process automation activities to our new subsidiary, Instrumix Process Engineering Ltd.
In the same year, we are developing our workshop with a new CNC lathe, a Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200M.
As the final step of the HUF 125 million series of investments expended on the development and production of special purpose machines, the last old cutting machines of our production site were replaced with modern, new equipment.
The deployment of a CNC workshop and a CAM system resulted in our enhanced flexibility and reduced building time of machines.
Teamcenter implementation. Since the same year the area of our offices and workshops has exceeded 500 square metres.
June 2010
Development and production of special purpose machines – set off by the acquisition of ECO-TECH 9001 Ltd.
January 2010
We became a Cognex Vision Systems ASP (Automation Solution Provider). With this step, our fast growth started in automatic optical inspection, which has become one of our main product lines.
SAP B1 implementation
Entry to the fast-growing market of vision–based sensor technology as a Cognex Vision Sensors ASP (Automation Solution Provider). We became a distributor of Pro-face in the same year.
Micro-Epsilon Registered Reseller: Our sensor range became complete with displacement sensors, able to conduct exceedingly precise and fast measurements.
MTS representation: sensor line extended with linear position sensors.
Unitronics distributor: gaining our foothold in the area of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and HMIs.
ISO 9001 certification. From the very beginning we seriously considered that the primary purpose of our quality management system implemented in 1999, as a result of extensive discussions and planning, was not the acquisition of the certification but, rather, error-free operation based on a well-thought-out, regulated inner processes.
Kübler representation: Since then we have become a significant market player in the area of incremental encoders and counter technology. With Kübler products the selection of partners were formed determining our sensor product range for the next few years.
Leuze representation, a determinant step towards the set objective: to offer a full range of industrial sensors measuring geometrical characteristics.
Rechner distribution, the first step to specializing in sensors.
Foundation of Kvalix Automatika Ltd, Budapest, Hungary. The activity is integration of PLC systems, primarily with Klöckner-Moeller (today Eaton) products.