We are a committed distributor of carefully selected products of leading producers in their own fields, typically as an exclusive Hungarian and Romanian distributor.

Owing to the close relationship developed with our partners and to the regular trainings, one of our strong points is the high quality professional support provided with the distributed products, ranging from professional advice before purchase all the way to commissioning and engineering services.

The following producers completing each other’s product supply properly have ascertained our competence and trust us to distribute their products in Hungary and in Romania:


Baumer logo

Baumer International GmbH


An international family business based in Switzerland whose passion is sensors, true to its slogan. A complete and innovative range of products ranging from object detection and distance measurement to vision sensors, including even process sensors.


Fritz Kübler GmbH

Encoders, Counters, Process Displays,  Slip Rings and more

The Kübler Group belongs to the leading manufacturer of Encoders and other Position and motion Sensors, electronic and electromechanical Counters, Displays for Process applications, Slip Rings and other devices for signals and power transmission. Family Business founded in 1960 by Fritz Kübler, the next generation of the family has developed a worldwide-known Group, of which focus on Products Quality and Excellence in Service gives added value to its customers.


Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

A leading brand in the field of optoelectronic sensors and systems

It is not by chance that Leuze electronic is known as ‘the sensor people’. Since its foundation in 1963, Leuze has developed, produced and distributed optoelectronic sensors, identifier systems and security sensors for industrial automation. All over the world Leuze is one of the best known suppliers of the full spectrum of optoelectronic sensors used for production automation.


Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

The professional expert of precision measurements

Sensors, colour sensors and infrared heat sensors produced with intensive R+D activities, realizing the most precise possible distance and displacement measurements. There is hardly any alternative to them where precise and efficient measurements are inevitable.


Temposonics GmbH & Co. KG

Market leader in the field of linear position sensors operating on the magnetostriction principle

In 1970 Temposonics was the first to implement a linear measuring system operating on the magnetostriction principle. They are available with no-contact, precise absolute position sensor analogous and digital outputs as well. The alternative that eliminates the problems of the solutions using a potentiometer.


Tosibox logo

Tosibox Oy

The award-winning Tosibox products from Finland are simplifying connectivity

Tosibox has created a new standard for secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management.


Unitronics (1989) (R”G) Ltd.

Easy-to-use, efficient and affordable PLC + HMI

A PLC and a HMI in one, both at the level of hardware and development software. Extremely cost-effective PLC’s, with operator panels provided with an alphanumeric or graphic display and data entry possibility.